Screws & Accessories

HePo offers wide range of screws in India ideally suitable for all type of wood, plastic, masonry and sheet metal. The HePo screw family comprises of brands like Heco, Hettich and HePo.

HePo provides complete range of woodworking and building and construction screw i.e. chipboard screw, drywall screws (black phosphate), self-drilling screws, self-tapping screw, handle fixing screws and roofing screws. HePo screws are made from hardened steel. What differentiates HePo screws from other available in market are:

Saw Thread - Gives better and faster cutting strength for the screw inside the material. Thus, a carpenter has to use less force and effort during drilling.

Pozi Drive - It has eight times better grip than a slotted head and two times better than Philips head, allowing greater torque.

Sharp Tip- Optimized tip geometry for better positioning and stacking of the screw, even on hard surface

High Thread Pitch - Gives faster drive and better contact with the substrate thereby reducing the time of installation.

Packaging - HePo screws are available in different pack sizes i.e. bulk/professional/small pack as per the customer need.

Available Screws:
Zinc CSK Regular Thread Screw, Zinc Pan Head Regular Thread Screw, Stainless Steel (SS 304) CSK Regular Thread Screw, Self drilling Screw ,Self Tapping CSK Screw, Self Tapping PAN Head Screw, Drywall Screw , Blackodised CSK Regular Thread Screw, Blackodised Pan Head Regular Thread Screw ,Handle fixing Screw, SS 410 CSK Saw Thread Screw and many more.