Furniture Fittings

Furniture Fittings

Furniture Fittings form the backbone of the furniture. They essentially lend aesthetic versatility and convenience with their endless permutations and combinations creating trendy & innovative furniture. Hepo India offers Value for Money Furniture Fittings that provide assured quality at a better price. The range includes Telescopic Runners, Hinges, Furniture locks, Bed Fitting Mechanism, Screws and many more.

Furniture Hinges

Auto Closing Slide-on Hinges

  • Available with convenient screw-on installation process & wide opening
    angle of 105o
  • Fully concealed when the cabinet door is closed
  • Available with both normal & soft closing features
  • Certified to European quality standard and tested for 20,000 functional cycles
  • Ensures high quality and endurance for long lifetime

Auto Closing Clip-on Soft Close Hinges

  • Available with easy & fast Clip-on installation process & wide opening
    angle of 105o
  • Fully concealed when the cabinet door is closed
  • Available with both normal & soft closing features
  • Certified to European quality standard and tested for 20,000 functional cycles

Telescopic Channels

  • Full extension runner
  • Available with regular & silent closing features
  • Better designed tracks create ease of operation and better dynamic load behavior
  • 30 kg. weight carrying capacity
  • Guaranteed up to 40,000 opening-closing cycles.
  • Excellent product for kitchen and office drawers.
  • Available in Zinc & Black color.
  • Functional warranty of 10 years.

Available Sizes : 10" - 250 mm, 12" - 300 mm, 14" - 350 mm, 16" - 400 mm, 18" - 450 mm, 20" - 500 mm, 22"-550 mm

Furniture Locks

Multipurpose locks

  • As the name suggests, it can be operated by left or right hand and throw a bolt out allowing the door to be locked when closed
  • Available for 22 mm/32 mm door thickness
  • Upto 120 key combinations
  • Tested for 30000 functional cycles
  • Can be used in a number of applications particularly in any cabinet & drawer construction. It can secure the cabinet door from unauthorised access.
  • Ideal for office environments as they allow to lock private & confidential papers securely. In addition to this, they are also suitable for homes to keep valuables, private & confidential papers or snacks locked securely in the cupboard out of reach of young children!

Gas Springs & Bi-fold Lift-ups

  • Uses compressed gas contained within an enclosed cylinder sealed by a sliding piston. It provides supports to upward moving doors which are horizontally hinged.
  • Available with high weight carrying capacity and silent closing system
  • Suitable for wooden & aluminium frame doors with glass
  • Advanced lift-up system used in overhead cabinets with upward moving doors which are horizontally hinged

Aluminium Profile

  • Shutter profiles are beautifully finished aluminium sections used to manufacture doors of the furniture with glass or any chosen material
  • It is available with & without handle
  • Handle profiles are the aluminium sections used as handles on the top of the cabinet door


  • Economic handles available with various attractive design for cabinet drawers & doors
  • Ergonomically comfortable and specially designed for furniture drawers & doors
  • Available in nickel matt, bright chrome, matt black and brushed silver anodized finishes

Tower Bolt

  • Rod-shaped bolt for locking doors
  • Available in aluminium, stainless-steel, brush, brass polished and antique finish and in different sizes
  • Specially made from aluminium & brass

Bed Fitting Mechanism

  • Can be fitted into any given bed to facilitate lifting of the bed surface, thereby creating an extra space for utility. This gives the user more living space within the room with all the extra stuff into the storage space under the bed.
  • Perfect solution to access the storage space below the heavy mattresses conveniently with a swift single-handed lift movement
  • Comprises of two elements: Bed Fitting Frame and Gas Spring
  • Both of them come with powder coated black color finish
  • Weight carrying capacity of the gas spring ranges from 70 kg up to 150 kg
  • Ergonomically functional and adds an eloquent touch to the room

Available Sizes of Hepo Bed Fitting Mechanism and Gas Spring:

Bed Fitting Frame – Dimension Compatible Gas Spring - Dimension/Weight capacity
1100 mm 340 mm / 70 Kg or 100 Kg
1500 mm 340 mm / 120 Kg or 150 Kg

Note :Gas Spring set to be ordered as per required weight capacity.

Connecting Fittings

  • Small furniture hardware used to construct modular furniture. It fulfills requirement of frequent assembly & disassembly of furniture.
  • Available with a large variety of products fulfilling different needs of modular furniture making like cabinet joinery, height adjustment with leveller screws etc.
  • Opens up numerous design options for classic as well as lightweight materials