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SS CSK Saw Thread Non-Magnetic Screw Retail Packing

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• Philips Drive

• Philips drive takes the naturally centered torque.

• Resistance to corrosion

• Saw Thread with sharper Tip

• Longer Life

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A countersunk screw is a screw that is "sunk" into a piece of lumber. The head will sit below the surface of the material and it can easily be filled with a wood plug or filler.
More Information
Country of Origin Asia
Assembly required No
Brand Hepo
Drive Type Philips Drive
Head Shape Countersunk
Material SS 410
Finish Type Stainless Steel
Thread Style Saw
Warranty Functional & Surface Warranty can be claimed as per company's T&C's, Refer sub clauses under Warranty section.
Article No.SizePackage Contains
928814100Ø3.5x121000 pcs
928814200Ø3.5x161000 pcs
928814300Ø3.5x201000 pcs
928814400Ø3.5x251000 pcs
928814500Ø3.5x301000 pcs
928814600Ø3.5x351000 pcs
928814700Ø4.0x161000 pcs
928814800Ø4.0x201000 pcs
928814900Ø4.0x251000 pcs
928815000Ø4.0x301000 pcs
928815100Ø4.0x35500 pcs
928815200Ø4.0x40500 pcs
929129500Ø4.0x50500 pcs
928815300Ø5.0x50500 pcs
928815400Ø5.0x60200 pcs
928815500Ø5.0x70200 pcs
929129600Ø5.0x80200 pcs
929129700Ø5.0x100100 pcs
929129800Ø6.0x120100 pcs
929129900Ø6.0x140100 pcs
Functional Warranty 10 Year
Surface Warranty 60 Months
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